Mainland Athletics Soccer Academy hopes all its participants are enjoying their fall/winter soccer seasons with their respective clubs; we are looking forward to seeing you all on the soccer pitch this spring for our 8th season.

Mainland directors are constantly evaluating the overall program and its delivery. Our latest evaluation suggests that Mainland has reached a heightened level of development for many players that have consistently trained with us in our spring/summer program. This has resulted in an abundance of competition ready soccer players.

As a result of our development program outcomes, Mainland has transitioned to 90-minute weekly development training sessions, which will focus on advanced training for players that are competition and match ready. There will also be heightened focus on physical literacy and fitness.

Simultaneously, Mainland will continue to provide development opportunities for introductory level participants who are looking to challenge themselves and make progressions in their abilities.

Mainland Coaches remain committed to the development of all participants to achieve competition and match ready levels.

Mainland maintains a philosophy where each player should have a ball at their feet at all times during each training session and we strongly believe ball familiarity contributed to the rapid development for many of these players.

Mainland Athletics Soccer Academy thanks all players, parents, coaches and volunteers who make each season possible. Together, we should all be proud of growing the Mainland Athletics Soccer Academy development program, which will continue to train young athletes for many years.

Enjoy the remainder of your fall/winter soccer season – see you in April!

Parm Bains, President
Mainland Athletics