Motivate – Develop – Inspire

Growth Assessment

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Discipline – Respect – Drive

Athletes will be introduced to the importance of respect and discipline from the outset as they begin their development and follow through the Motivational, Developmental & Inspirational (MDI) Learning Curve. Players will eventually adapt to a role on a team and they will be responsible for respecting their teammates, coaches, referees, and opponents.

Each athlete will be assessed based on their growth and achievements as they work through the MDI Learning Curve.

It will depend on each individual child and their progression before they move through the various stages.

Details of each developmental step are outlined below:

1. Basic Fundamentals

a. Passing & Receiving
Passing and receiving the ball from different distances will be encouraged in all age groups.
b. Striking
Players will develop the ability to shoot from different distances and will be encouraged to shoot from any distance.
c. Ball Control & Turning
Players will be encouraged to protect the ball and use different dribbling and turning techniques to move away from defenders.


2. Technical Development

a. Offense & Defense
Players will be coached on positional awareness and the use of space during an offensive attack, and on how to apply pressure and react when ball possession is lost.
b. Possession & Creativity
During team play, players will be encouraged to support and move in order to keep possession of the ball and create space for passing options. Players will also be encouraged to be creative and elude opposing players.
c. Speed & Agility
Players will be introduced to cross training, warm-up techniques, and a variety of specialty training to enhance their knowledge of fitness methods.
d. Endurance
Players will be educated on the importance of sustaining a consistent level of effort from start to finish.
e. Strength & Power
Players will be educated on injury preventative training, and be provided with nutritional information to ensure they understand healthy living.


3. Strategic & Tactical Understanding

a. Building an Attack
As players advance to the strategic and tactical understanding level, they will be encouraged to begin building an offensive attack from the back, through the midfield, and then to the striking position – trying to keep possession at all times.
b. Quick Transition Play
Players will be coached on how to counter-attack immediately after regaining possession of the ball.
c. Special Teams
Players will be introduced to free kicks, corner kicks, penalty shots and set play ideas.
d. Formations & Strategies
Players will be introduced to various positional roles, team formations and styles of play.


4. Personal Development

a. Cooperation & Roles
Athletes will reach this level later in their development, where each player understands their given task as being part of a unit.
b. Competitiveness
Competitive players will achieve success as a result of their effort level, and ability to focus on tasks.


5. Competition Ready

Player has reached the point of engaging in competitive match play.