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Mainland Athletics will continue to offer 90-minute weekly sessions this season.

Please note the training session dates below.

Mainland Athletics training:

Thursday, April 18th to Thursday, July 4th, 2019

Thursdays @ King George Park – Turf – 4100 No. 5 Road, Richmond, BC

*Exact training times will be emailed to all players after registration closes.


Mainland Athletics Soccer Academy hopes all its participants are enjoying their fall/winter soccer seasons with their respective clubs; we are looking forward to seeing you all on the soccer pitch this spring for our 7th season.

Mainland directors are constantly evaluating the overall program and its delivery. Our latest evaluation suggests that Mainland has reached a heightened level of development for many players that have consistently trained with us in our spring/summer program. This has resulted in an abundance of competition ready soccer players.

As a result of our development program outcomes, Mainland has transitioned to 90-minute weekly development training sessions, which will focus on advanced training for players that are competition and match ready. There will also be heightened focus on physical literacy and fitness.

Simultaneously, Mainland will continue to provide development opportunities for introductory level participants who are looking to challenge themselves and make progressions in their abilities.

Mainland Coaches remain committed to the development of all participants to achieve competition and match ready levels.

Mainland maintains a philosophy where each player should have a ball at their feet at all times during each training session and we strongly believe ball familiarity contributed to the rapid development for many of these players.

Mainland Athletics Soccer Academy thanks all players, parents, coaches and volunteers who make each season possible. Together, we should all be proud of growing the Mainland Athletics Soccer Academy development program, which will continue to train young athletes for many years.

Enjoy the remainder of your fall/winter soccer season – see you in April!

Dhar Grewal, President
Mainland Athletics


Mainland Athletics is committed to the long-term development of athletes in pursuit of achieving their greatest potential, without limits to their ability, in the sport of soccer. Mainland Athletics will maintain a high community profile and demonstrate the highest principles of integrity and fair play in the sport of soccer.

Based in Richmond, Mainland Athletics is a non-profit society which provides long-term recreational and developmental soccer learning for U5 to U14 youth from the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia.

Mainland provides Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) certified coaching during the off season spring and summer months from April to July.

The sport of soccer is built on traditions and standards of sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline, and Mainland Athletics was founded based on these principles. Mainland aspires to demonstrate these principles and pass them along to young athletes and coaches.

Mainland invests countless hours to ensure the Mainland Soccer Academy players and coaches are motivated, developed and inspired to enjoy and succeed in the sport of soccer.

Mainland Athletics history – where it all began…

Several years ago, private community sports clubs such as Khalsa Soccer Club (1965), South Richmond Sports Association (SRSA 1979), and Indo Canadian Football Club (1988) provided spring/summer soccer training and competition for youth from Richmond, Vancouver, Ladner and other cities in the Lower Mainland.

Having the experience and opportunity to further develop skills in the off season as members of their respective clubs, the founders of Mainland Athletics enjoyed great achievements as these clubs produced provincial, national, and professional level talent

With the ever-increasing enrollment in private sector soccer programs around BC’s lower mainland, many players from U5 to U18 are finding themselves on waitlists for affordable soccer coaching and development. As a result, Mainland Athletics found it necessary to provide our kids with a positive outlet which will not only enhance their athletic capabilities, but enrich their quality of life and make friends for life.